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Portland Fishing - Pulpit Rock

Pulpit Rock is a local Mecca for Wrasse anglers, in fact the British record Ballan Wrasse was caught here in 1998 by local expert Pete Hegg. The fish weighed 9lb 10z 0dr, click here for a picture. Many anglers fish from the top of the rock as it gives easier access to the deep water kelp beds and provides a higher angle to the water, which helps when fighting a fish out of the weed. There is space on top of the rock for three fisherman but be very careful as it is a long way down. The non mountain goats among us can fish from the flat rock platforms to either side of Pulpit Rock.

Hardback Crab is the number one bait for Wrasse here, fish it with 30lb main line with no shock leader. Pete Hegg's favourite rig here is a simple affair with a plain 5oz lead suspended a couple of feet below a three-way swivel, the snood of 30lb line is about 4' long with a strong size 2/0 hook is tied into the side eye of the swivel. A rotten bottom can be incorporated into this rig if necessary. The idea here is to keep it simple and to have as little tackle as possible on the business end to help prevent snags and to keep the cost of tackle losses down. Many local anglers use scrap metal instead of expensive leads, I find old car spark plugs to be excellent! 

The best fishing is about 60yds as the sea bed shelves off here. Fishing is only possible around the bottom of the tide. You may find that you have to get here early to stake your claim to your mark, Pulpit is a very popular spot with very limited space for anglers. Cod and Pollack can also be caught here in good numbers. You will need a heavy beach caster to deal with the snags and powerful runs of the Wrasse if you are lucky enough to connect with one.

Wrasse can be caught here in all but the coldest months, they tend to move offshore between January and April as the water temperature falls. Car parking is 200yds away and there are toilets and a cafe nearby.

Pete Hegg is a ex-England international team member, he is available as a fishing guide for a very reasonable fee and is a mine of local information. Click Here to visit his website.


Pulpit Rock back in the 70's, the scene is still the same but the fashions have changed!



Pulpit Rock after a storm.




Pulpit Rock at sunset.



The rock ledges between Pulpit Rock and the Qinetic establishment. The cliff in the distance marks the end of shore fishing on the west of the island between here and Hallelujah Bay. The cliffs from here northwards rise to several hundred feet and while there are paths to the sea it is treacherous to attempt them with fishing gear.




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