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Portland Fishing - Lure Fishing

Portland provides some excellent lure fishing, with dozens of marks from the rocky ledges at Portland Bill to the fast flowing waters of the Fleet Lagoon. See below for my tips on lure fishing for each species.
  • Bass - Bass can be caught on almost any lure, depending on what they are feeding at the time. For Portland Bill and the rock marks try a brightly coloured jointed plug during early morning or late evening. For the Fleet and harbour try a similar plug but smaller as the fish tend to be juveniles and therefore smaller in size. The Fleet is an excellent place to try your hand at fly fishing or free lined live prawn. Fish near to Ferry Bridge just as the tide starts to run in, especially during the evening. Don't forget the ever popular Dexter Wedge, fig.1 no's. 6&7. They cast very well due to their weight and take Bass and Mackerel from the beach.


Two Bass that I caught in the Fleet 27th May 2005

My friend Derek with his first ever Bass

  • Mullet - Mullet can be caught on small spinner type lures like type 9 and 10 in Fig. 1. Remove the treble hook and replace it with a strong size 1 or 2 and bait the lure with rag worm or sand eel. Weymouth Harbour is an excellent place for mullet but also give Sandsfoot castle and Portland Bill a try.

  • Pollack - Pollack tend to go for sand eel type lures but will also be caught on jelly worms. At the time of writing (May 2005) they were regularly being caught on brightly coloured jointed plugs like no. 10 in fig. 2 at Portland Bill during the evenings. Try deep spinning with frozen (or live) sand eel in the deep water around Pulpit Rock at Portland Bill.

  • Mackerel - Mackerel will take a bare hook if it is shiny, any lure that imitates their natural prey, whitebait, will catch them. Most people use beachcasters with 6oz leads and a string of feathers to harvest the shoals. I see people carrying bucket loads of fish home and I am sure that many go to waste. It is much more fun using a light spinning rod or a course fishing match rod and a single lure. Small Dexter Wedges are ideal for this purpose as is any lure that is silver or white. A single Mackerel puts up a great fight on light tackle so give it a try.

Note - Since this page was written in 2005 an excellent new range of weighted sandeel/shad type lures have hit the market. These are Tempest Sidewinders and are great for most predatory fish including bass, click here.

The pictures below show a selection of lures from my tackle box, click each image to see it full size. Each lure is numbered in the large picture. The table on the right explains each lure and what you might catch with it.

Figure 1

A selection of spinners and spoons from my tackle box
1-4 - A selection of spoons in different weights and colours. Good for Bass, Pollack and Mackerel.
5 - A silver pirk-type lure that imitates small prey fish. Heavy for its size and casts well. Good for Bass and Mackerel.
6&7 - Dexter Wedges in different sizes and weights. Excellent for Bass and mackerel
8 - A smaller coloured spoon for close in work, lightweight so it will not scare the fish with the splash. Good for Bass.
9&10 - Two small spinners that are ideal for mullet.

Figure 2

A selection of plugs from my tackle box
1 - Jointed silver hollographic shallow diving plug for Bass and Pollack.
2 - non-jointed coloured shallow diving plug for Bass and Pollack.
3 - Rapala rattling plug. I caught plenty of fish in the Caribbean with this one but non yet here!
4 - A large surface popper plug for big Bass.
5 - A small surface popper for smaller Bass and Mackerel, I have caught garfish on these at Portland Bill. Use when the fish are feeding close in on Chesil of Portland Bill.
6 - Fladen Bass Bullet, excellent sinking lure for Bass, casts well on light tackle.
7 - Gold and red jointed shallow diving plug for Bass and Pollack.
8 - Non-jointed shallow diving plug for Bass.
9 - Small minnow type plug for close in Bass and Mackerel.
10 - My favourite plug for Bass and Pollack at the Bill, brightly coloured, jointed and rattles.
11 - Ron Thompson non-jointed shallow diving plug. Red is thought to induce takes in predatory fish like Bass and the silver adds to the effect.

Figure 3

A selection of soft imitation lures from my tackle box
1 - Storm casting shad. Heavy and casts well.
2 - Blue Fox 'Slyflex Minnow'
3 - Storm 4" Rattle Grub - Fished with a lead head size 1/0 hook for Pollack.
4 - Flourescent lead head eel - Fished with a size 1/0 hook for Pollack.
5-7 - A selection of Eddystone eels for Pollack. Deep spin them with a 1oz bomb and a three way swivel.
8 - Jelly worms are always useful for Pollack, fished over the kelp beds with a 1oz bomb as above and allowed to drift in the current.




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