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Portland Fishing - Rock Marks at Portland Bill

For simplicity I have incorporated the whole area between Southwell and Portland Bill into one page called "Ledges".

Between Southwell and Portland Bill there are many rock marks that make for great fishing. Those further north towards Southwell are pretty high but still fishable with care. The sea bed is snaggy with patches of clean sand, which are visible during calm weather. Rotten bottom gear is advised unless you are an accurate caster and can hit the sand every time, in which case a 6ox breakaway lead can be used. Use 30lb main line to combat the snags with lighter snoods to size 2 to 2/0 hooks.

The area is also provides excellent float fishing for mullet, garfish, Bass, Pollack and Wrasse. There is often no need to cast the float as there are several sea caves so the line can be dropped from the cliff straight into deep water. In the summer the Bass and mullet come into these areas to feed on larvae and insects that live on the washed up sea weed that gathers in the inlets.

There is excellent lure fishing using plugs, spinners and jelly worms. Species caught here include Bass, Wrasse, Pollack and mullet. The Dexter Wedge is a favourite to try first and brightly coloured diving plugs are great for Pollack and Bass. The Bass tend to be caught near to the obelisk at the tip of the Bill where the fast running tide carries bait fish around the point.

Pulpit Rock, situated about 200m to the west of the lighthouse, is a very popular venue with very deep water close in. 8lb Wrasse have often been caught here. Use rotten bottom gear and strong snoods with crab and worm baits. Large Conger are caught here at night but due to the height above the water they can be difficult and dangerous to land. Never fish alone and wear a buoyancy aid such as a floatation suit. Flares should be carried due to the remoteness of the location.

As a general rule it is best to fish the west side of Portland during the ebb tide and move around to the east side on the incoming tide...but be careful of the rising sea level over the rocks!


A view of Portland Bill showing the many rock marks.



The deep water mark around Bob's Crane. This is visible from the road between Southwell and the Bill, it is the second crane along. Beware that the areas is privately owned so permission may be required. Do not make a mess, and don't leave litter and you should be ok. Note that although there is vehicular access to the field above the crane from the road, it is a private field and cars are not permitted. There is a ladder down to a rock platform just above the water.
A view of the sea cave from the above location. Note the sea weed gathering in the cave mouth. This where Bass and mullet will come to feed in the summer evenings.



Rock mark between Bob's Crane and Red Crane. Red Crane is the crane nearest to Portland Bill.


A view towards Portland Bill.



The large stone ledge to the right of Red Crane at the Bill. Access to this is on the left hand side. Be careful here as waves break over the rocks in all but the calmest of weather. There is a lot of close in weed here but it is a good spot for mullet. Bait the area with Mackerel and mashed bread for several hours before fishing then use light float gear. Also a great spot for garfish.

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