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Junior Fishing

I couldn't do a fishing website without including a page for junior anglers as they are the fishermen and women of the future.

Weymouth and Portland offers a wealth of fishing for youngsters. In the summer Chesil Beach offers great Mackerel and Garfish sport close in. Try float fishing with Mackerel strip or Ragworm during calm weather.

Stone Pier in Weymouth is great, we fish with the Weymouth Angling Club in their junior league on Monday evenings. Fishing starts at 1845 until 2000hrs and visitors are welcome. Junior membership is just 2 per year. During the summer use a bottom rig with light line and small hooks, size 10 to 12 are ideal. Use small pieces of Ragworm, about an inch long. Maggots also work well when the water is warm. My son caught 17 fish on Monday using this technique, a mixture of Wrasse, Rockling and Blennies.

Float fishing with Mackerel strip will catch Mackerel, Garfish and Pollock. Use a small silver lure for Mackerel and Garfish. There are also fish that you wouldn't expect to catch from the pier, I caught a Sea Trout of about a pound while spinning for Mackerel a few weeks ago.

Most of the fish are caught within 3m of the pier wall so don't be tempted to cast out as you will probably miss the best sport.

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