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Portland Fishing - Hallelujah Bay

This area was known as Hallelujah Bay because, in the 1880s, Hiram Otter painted and carved religious texts on the rocks in this area. The bay is shallow and strewn with large boulders interspersed with kelp beds. I have not fished this area recently but on previous occasions have caught many small Wrasse using ragworm and legering tactics. Night lines left out by the locals can often be found here in the summer. The area at the end of the bay is a favourite mark for boat anglers after Conger.

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Hallelujah Bay from the top of the cliff. The easiest access to this mark is to park at the Chesil Cove and follow the path south from the end of the promenade.



The southern end of Hallelujah Bay seen from Blacknor Fort.









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