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Portland Fishing - Church Ope to Balaclava Bay

Balaclava Bay is the small bay where the breakwater meets Portland, although it is within the bounds of Portland Port it is still accessible by kayaks and boats. The shore is a mixture of large and small boulders so stout boots are a must. The sea bed is mostly the same as the shore with the addition of large kelp beds and gullies and screams bass. The sea is mainly shallow so wrasse fishing may be difficult due to the shallow angle of the line. The area provides a mixture of fishing very similar to Church Ope Cove and Cheyne but access is mush more difficult.

To access the area from Grove Point to Balaclava Bay it is a long steep walk from the end Grove Road by the Young Offenders Institute. The southern end can be accessed from Church Ope Cove. There is less of a shore line here due to the low cliffs and boulders. The whole area is left to nature and is so secluded it is easy to forget where you are, it is well worth the walk.



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