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Portland Breakwater and Balaclava Bay

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Portland Harbour viewed from above the old shooting range. HMS Hood was scuttled in the nearest opening in the harbour wall to block enemy submarines from entering. The wreck is now an excellent fishing location.



Portland Harbour showing the breakwater and Balaclava Bay.



Map of the harbour.



The breakwater around Portland Harbour is usually out of bounds to fishing unless you work in the port. I have fished it many times and there is excellent sport to be had. The clean ground inside the harbour produces all usual harbour species. In the summer there is excellent Bass and Mackerel fishing. The rough ground on the outside of the harbour wall is very difficult to fish due to its construction of huge boulders. There are huge Wrasse, Pollack and Bass on spinning and float gear. Be careful and use strong tackle as once a Wrasse grabs the bait and heads back for the rocks there is little chance of pulling it free. I have lost several good fish to the rocks.


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